Preventing Orthopedic Infections
and Promoting Bone Healing

Elute aims to be the leader in developing and commercializing a new class of polymer-controlled drug delivery devices designed to prevent and treat orthopedic and other surgical bone infections. Hospital-based bone infections are a major complication for patients and a $1 billion + unreimbursed annual burden for U.S. hospitals. We believe ElutiBone™, our lead product candidate, can significantly improve patient outcomes and transform the management of peri-prosthetic bone infections. ElutiBone™ has been shown to deliver an initial burst of tobramycin directly to the infected site at a concentration high enough to treat the infection without compromising bone growth. It also provides sustained drug exposure over a clinically relevant 8-week period to kill persistor bacteria cells. Our patented and patent pending polymer / ceramic-based platform eliminates the toxic burst release associated with currently available antibiotic loaded bone void fillers. It also minimizes side effects of developing antibiotic resistance associated with antibiotic loaded bone cements.

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