Clinical Study

Multicenter trial of Antibiotic eluting Graft for promoting new bone growth in/near Infected bone Cavities (MAGIC)


We proudly partner with prestigious study sites and scores of study participants. It’s the success of this clinical study that will lead to new life-changing treatments.

Efficacy and Safety of EP Granules with Tobramycin in the 2-stage treatment of peri-prosthetic joint infections. This is a pivotal, prospective, multicenter, randomized study with two arms: a control arm and a treatment arm.

Trial commenced August 2022

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Protecting the rights and wellbeing of our clinical trial participants

Elute, Inc. honors the privacy of the participants in its clinical trials by safeguarding personal data with the appropriate security measures in accordance with the applicable data protection requirements. As with medical records, all information collected during clinical trials will be kept confidential. Information regarding a trial participant’s identity will not be transferred to Elute and its affiliates and will not be included in any reports or publications.

Ensuring legal and ethical standards for our clinical trials

At Elute, we strive to improve the quality of care for all patients. In accordance with this mission, we ensure that all trials and clinical research activities meet or exceed international ethical and human rights principles to respect and prowtect the rights, well-being, safety, and dignity of all participants in our clinical trials.